Who We Are

About Nijhawan Group With over 40 years of experience in India, Nijhawan Group is one of the leading travel conglomerates and has vastly diversified entities within the Travel Industry.

Nijhawan Group has a history of successful business partnerships with leading airlines and hotels. The company has successfully represented British Airways for 34 years, and has three decades with an array of major international airlines (including Kingfisher Airlines, Sama Airlines and Fly Dubai) providing them with wide-ranging services, from passenger to route management. We also represent top hotels chain across the world.

LAP Travel Pvt. Ltd. (a Nijhawan Group Company) also owns equity in TBO Group which is the largest online B2A travel portal in India.

Nijhawan Group has the means to commit dedicated resources to provide product focus and committed ownership - right from adopting our partner's processes to enhancing the quality of service delivery with meticulous planning and foresight suited for the Indian environment.

Our airline and Hotel partners depend on us to provide complete management of their business in India to International standards. We work very closely with our relationships representation to maximize revenues and ensure cost effectiveness and high quality of service delivery. And in recent years, Nijhawan Group has taken bold steps in increasing the value offered to an extensive client base while broadening business horizons with new ventures.

Nijhawan Group also successfully runs the CKRDT Foundation to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

Late Shri B.L. Nijhawan - Founder, Nijhawan Group

Late Shri B.L. Nijhawan - Founder, Nijhawan Group is popularly known as the father figure of the Indian travel industry. Started his career in 1946 and is today a living legend of the trade. The group today is blessed by his blessings. He has been to many villages in early 70s and 80s and developed many entrepreneurs into travel agents. He founded the group as the GSA for British Airways in 1974. With his 61 years in the business he is one of the gurus and by far one of the most respected person in the booming travel business in India.

Shri Shyam Nijhawan

Sham Nijhawan - Chairman, Nijhawan Group is a Chartered Accountant by education. He is the visionary and the mentor of the group. With his 35 years vast experience space, Mr. Nijhawan is by far a master in travel space. He is well experienced in running large business and understands the airline distribution for the last three decades. Mr. Nijhawan is an authority when it comes to finance. He has traveled extensively worldwide and within India and understands many cultures and heritage of this large nation. Sham enjoys a phenomenal reputation in the industry.

Ankush Nijhawan - Managing Director, Nijhawan Group

Ankush Nijhawan - Director, Nijhawan Group is a BBA graduate from Boston and he majored in Marketing and Psychology. Today Ankush is thriving with his strategic vision and direction to the Nijhawan Group to be a leader in the travel industry. His focus is on strengthening the overall brand proposition and positioning the group with its core business value by exploring new growth avenues for developing a market leadership. He was chosen by CNBC as a Young Turk for revolutionizing the travel trade through his B2A travel portal. Ankush today by far is one of the most successful youngsters in the travel trade.

 Arjun Nijhawan Arjun Nijhawan - Executive Director, Nijhawan Group

Arjun Nijhawan - Director, Nijhawan Group has completed his BBA from Temple University specializing in Economics and International business. In just three years he had grown the business to 19 stores and looking at expansion to establish 50 stores in future. He is involved in planning, executing and ensuring smooth operations for the stores which are today franchisee of top consumer brands in the world.

 Lalita Nijhawan Lalita Nijhawan - Director, Nijhawan Group

Lalita Nijhawan - Director, Nijhawan Group is a gold medalist post- graduate from the University of Delhi. At present, she is involved with the real estate of the group. She is the president of CKRDT Foundation, belonging to the group, which takes care of the underprivileged sections of the society. She has received honours from the Vice President of India in arts and also from an Education Minister in academics. She has received the “Talented Ladies Award” in 2005 by Bharat Nirman from Ms. Shahnaz Husain, the “Ojaswini Award” in 2008 as a successful woman entrepreneur, and the “Amity Excellence Award for Women Entrepreneurship” during their International Business Summit in 2009. She is supporting an orphanage for girls as well as a number of educational projects in Rajasthan and the North-East. She received the award for #100WomenAchievers from the Ministry of Women & Child Development. She was honoured by the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee in 2016.

 Lalita Nijhawan Lalita Nijhawan - Director, Nijhawan Group

Priyanka Nijhawan - Managing Director, Nijhawan Group- Representations Priyanka is a seasoned professional with industry experience of over 11 years. Leading the representation vertical of Nijhawan Group for the last decade , Priyanka’s core competence lies in understanding, leading, and directing various verticals to ensure efficiency in accomplishment of all business goals. A graduate in Maths (Hons) from one of India’s most premier institutes, the Lady Sri Ram College; Priyanka went on to top the prestigious Delhi University and earned a place for herself as a scholar at Kings College London where she did her Master’s in Computer Science and was awarded the “Best Student of the Year”. Priyanka was also the Chairwoman for CII- Indian Women Network for the Delhi Chapter in the year 2018-19.

Priyanka’s strong relationship-driven strategic channels have enabled her to leverage exclusive representations of top Tourism Boards, luxurious international hospitality brands, and top-selling attractions across the globe. She has been featured as one of Luxebook Indian Luxury’s Most Powerful Women in 2020. She has also been facilitated as the Leading Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 at VETA Awards along with many other feathers in her hat for leading one of India’s best representation companies.